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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Jandek Triumphs in NYC

For those who don’t know, Jandek is a reclusive musician from Texas who has put out about 40 albums over the last 25 years, all recordings of subtle variations on his very unique and personal brand of damaged lo-fi blues folk, for lack of a better term. Occasionally scary and/or disturbing, but often compelling, a majority of his albums are filled with his moaning over what seems to be improvised stabbings at a de-tuned acoustic guitar. People don’t really know anything about him, due to the lack of information and his refusal to make direct contact with fans regarding his music over the course of his career.

At long last, Jandek has revealed himself to us. 200-odd lucky Jandek fans, including myself, were witness to his first performance ever in New York City last ngiht, and only his 4th or 5th live performance, if I’m counting correctly. After a prolonged waiting period, we were let into the theatre. After about 10 minutes the lights dimmed and the room grew silent instantly. After a brief introduction by Barry Esson, who booked the show, and much palpable tension, Jandek lurked onto the stage with his band. I don’t know the names of the guys who played, but there was a drummer, guitarist, upright bassist, and then Jandek all the way on the right with… two keyboards?! To my surprise, he played no guitar over the course of his 90-minute set.

The music they created took on a curiously jazzy experimental form, sounding like a vast amorphous blob of soft noise. Jandek’s atonal electirc piano sounds were almost gentle while the standing guitarist plucked away with his thumb long echoing notes. The rhythm section generally pounded away in a deep, dark, throbbing dirge, the whole group moping along until suddenly a surge of notes from Jandek’s keyboards would kick them all into a wave of more aggressive noisemaking. This was the repeated theme, musically, throughout the night. About halfway through the set, the guitarist(who resembled a greasier Bono in black leather, hair, and sunglasses from my vantage point) suddenly stopped playing and just sat there for the rest of the set, holding his hands to his head when the music got particularly loud. I’m not sure if this was planned or not, though honestly it looked like the guy was on a bad trip or something. It was a suitably disconcerting backdrop for Jandek’s unique lyrics.

From a book sitting on his keyboard, Jandek would read in his wild moan-sing voice when the music inspired him thus. The lyrics of the show were all new, as far as my knowledge, though every now and then a line would seem to reference earlier Jandek songs. There was a definite theme to all of the words used, centering around the idea that “there’s nothing to do”, with frequent mentions of failure. Jandek started the second blob of music by stating rather bluntly “seems like I’ve been depressed my whole life” and went on to tell a story of a summer day when he was 11 years old. Young Jandek is outside and cant find anything to do. He goes inside and complains to his mother “there’s nothing to do”, to which mom replies “oh just go outside, you’ll find something to do”, after which Jandek “went outside and did things”. The lyrics went off on this point from then on for the majority of the show, about Jandek’s belief that there is in fact nothing to do, and that we as humans manufacture situations so we will have things to do. “Self-stimulation is the deathbed, Liiiiiife is on the other side” I felt like at any moment he might start directly addressing the audience, or that he might go on to say that the performance itself was pointless. At times it seemed like he was trying to tell us that he appreciated the attention but that it didn’t matter. In general, it was an awkward experience, but too unique to not be appreciated, and his words will have me thinking for awhile, as usual. In effect, this lyrical approach led to the performance as a whole holding up to all my expectations by exposing the falseness of those very expectations.

In the days leading up to the performance, I was anxious that perhaps the music would not hold up to the myth… but now, having seen it, I realize that at its best, Jandek’s music takes me out of my skin and into a scary little world that most people would rather not visit. This performance absolutely provided that intense ultra-personal feeling. As a fan, I was stunned.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

2008 Presidential Campaign!

Could this man be our next president? You decide!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The omens continue...

All the pieces are beginning to connect. The end is surely nigh.

As we say here at Spastic Siblings: "Well, it's about danged time!"


RECENTLY an ominous scourge of signals has descended upon my sister and I, a series of curious omens we have been despearately trying to cipher...

I know we both have had the worst in the back of our minds, but neither wanted to say it first... HOWVER, it would seem that we cannot afford to neglect the truth any longer! Click here to discover the most important sign yet!

The great change is coming!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Important Update

I urge all of our readers who listen to any "musics" created by so-called "musicians" other than those recommended on this blog to seek help from this very informative and useful website. Heed my words, brethren! Bad taste is not subjective! REMEMBER: As clearly stated in the manifesto, our goal at Spastic Siblungs is to clear the planet!! (of bad things, and losers, etc.)!!

Friday, July 22, 2005

Behind the Scenes

I thought you might be interested to see photos of us. Here are a couple pictures of myself and 8-0-2-11-M hanging out around the house.

Here's 8-0-2-11-M. As you can see, he was having a particularly rough day. He had just found out that I had taken the last piece of bread from microwave and this always send him into a rage. I like to egg him on.

That's me, 8-0-2-11-F. I'm having a very good hair day. I am also full on bread.

CURIOSITY? Sometimes things in microwave lead to DESTRUCTION! Never forget to open microwave!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

It's getting hot in here

Some choice songs for the heat:

Palisade's Park sung by Freddie Cannon...written by that psycho game/gong show guy.
Glamour Boys by Living Colour
She's Like a Rainbow by Rolling Stones

No-No's for the heat (though I may enjoy them on a regular day):
anything with lots of bass i.e. Ol' Dirty Bastard
heavy metal...because heavy is not a good word in the heat...neither is metal. Metal can get hot you know. ouch.

Share with me your songs for heated days.


Model 8-0-2-11-M reporting for duty! Today here @ SPASTIC SIBLINGS we are asking "are you future smart?" well, are you? Lets find out:

LAST NIGHT I attended a wild karaoke party at Piano's on the Lower East Side. There were about a million people there. There was crowd surfing, there was sweat, and there was 'Total Eclipse of the Heart" (which I had never before heard in its entirety) with babes atop dudes shoulders. In all, it was a grand time. My sweet Femme-bot and I danced(the robot, of course). If youre in the New York City area and are lookin for somethign fun for your Monday nights, check it out: KARAOKE KILLED THE CAT

On my ride to and from the Karaoke event, I listened to some a great new band that I had downloaded only moments before leaving(itunes addict) TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET ! For those in the know, all I should have to say is "ex-Lillingtons". For the laymen: It's basically picture perfect Ramones style punk rock. Just awesomely simple and song-alongable. I have a soft spot for this stuff, and this is one of the best bands out there doing it these days. Easily up to par with the best stuff by The Queers and Screeching Weasel. check out the audio on their site, then go somewhere and buy it.

And lastly, funny funny. dedicated to all my fellow reformed vegans. what were we thinking? (not that I'm a meat eater or anything. ewww! but totally, pass the cheese). that's all for now, 8-0-2-11-M out!


Let it be fulfilled! Do not neglect the microwave today!

Monday, July 18, 2005

To Brighten Your Day

This mugshot shows us that mom should be more concerned with our t-shirts, not how clean our underwear is.

And then of course... hiring hos.


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